How to use iPhone as a mouse or trackpad

The screens of iOS devices have excellent responsiveness, therefore, ideal for use as a trackpad or mouse. To use iPhone, iPod touch or iPad in a new capacity, just install the app Mobile Mouse Remote with a set of simple but very useful features.

iPhone instead of your mouse or trackpad for your Mac or PC

Mobile Mouse Remote available in the App Store for 149 rubles and has many positive reviews. The app itself is very easy to use. After syncing with your computer, you will see the interface in the style of the trackpad. In the upper part of the screen is the icon of the program that is currently active on your Mac or PC.

You can use gestures, taps and double-clicks to control the mouse pointer on a computer by dragging and dropping files, performing clicks, and so on. At the bottom of the screen there are two virtual keys simulating a press of the left and right mouse buttons and the scroll pane content. Mobile Mouse Remote supports multitouch, so you can use all the native gestures of OS X.

A huge advantage of the application will be held in the absence of delays between the gestures and what is happening on the computer screen. All actions are performed synchronously. The sensitivity of the virtual trackpad can be configured.

Sync Mobile Mouse Remote with Mac

To connect iPhone or iPad and the computer there are four ways:

  • Wi-Fi ā€” very handy if you work at home;
  • Peer-to-peer is ideal if you don’t have Wi-Fi;
  • Bluetooth ā€” excellent energy saving;
  • USB reliable method + completion of charge of the battery.

To pair the Mac application and install on your computer Mobile Mouse Server. The device will automatically synchronize with each other when both are in the same Wi-Fi network and on each the application will be launched.

Client for Mobile Mouse Server will be hidden in the Mac menu bar. It will automatically configure the parameters of IP addressing and ports, so you don’t even have to dig into settings.

In the server settings can be set to automatically start with system startup and protect it with a password. On the Touchpad tab, you can adjust the pointer speed.

When the settings are completed, the system will offer to open full access to the system. To do this go to System preferences -> Security and safety> Privacy, and tick the Mobile Mouse Server, as shown in the screenshot below:

To verify that the mobile device is connected to the computer, go to settings, Mobile Mouse Remote on iOS. As you can see, the application associated with the MacBook Pro:

Mobile Mouse Remote is a great way to manage the Mac travel, through which the main trackpad or mouse, you can safely leave at home. Using the application, you can control the computer at a distance: for example, when showing a slide show or presentation.

Mobile Mouse Remote allows you to use the virtual mouse to integrate a keypad to control music playback.

To use the application with the Windows operating system you must install the version client for PC.

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