How to use Screen Time in iOS 12

Screen Time is a new feature in iOS 12, which will help to get rid of smartphone addiction and heal from her their children. About how to use the features, reports 9to5Mac.

It has basic features and a few not obvious chips, like Downtime, App Limits and parental control. So you may need time to figure things out.

It is worth considering that Screen Time is a brand new feature, that, plus, currently available in unstable versions of iOS 12. Many can’t even open it, but it needs to fix soon in the public beta version of iOS 12.

How to use Screen Time in iOS 12

  • You need to open your iOS Settings.
  • Go to the category Screen Time.
  • Tap the widget to the schedule at the top of the screen.
  • In the window that opens displays information about the use of the smartphone for the last day of her a lot and she is quite detailed. It painted the spent on the application time, which are often grouped into categories, like “Productivity” or “Read”.

    Previously, similar data was in iOS 11, but was not different detail. Now, users can access various charts, the average value over a selected time interval and even a separate section with information on the most heavily used.

    To better understand how you use your iPhone or iPad, go to the tab “Last 7 days”. This information will help to decide which applications take the most time.

    Initially Screen Time may seem useless and strange function, but it is a really useful tool. All other chips innovations that soon can be found on MacDigger.

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