How to use Siri to access Bank account

Agree, it’s great to ask Siri to send a message to your wife when you are driving. Or call a cab from the bar, or write to the subscriber in WhatsApp. However, as it turned out, to use the voice assistant is not so safe for the Bank account.

Laboratory of information security found that Siri is not too accurately authenticates the owner of the smartphone for the phrase “Hey Siri”. It happens as because of the insufficient quality of the microphone, which is simply not able to determine the uniqueness of the voice, and because of the shortcomings in the program.

In other words, if you want to control other people’s iPhone with your voice. The author of the video below, for example, a synthesized female voice on the computer, so to mimic his wife. And Siri believed that it was really.

What is the danger, you ask? Since many banks use SMS to manage the client’s account (essentially for convenience), you can use your voice to send SMS to the Bank with any available team. The most harmless — pay for your phone number with someone else’s cards. Given that the verification code comes to the same iPhone, and you can ask Siri to read it, the problem is not so difficult.

Experts say that this is a problem for many banks that provide access to the account via SMS: “Sberbank”, “Alfa-Bank”, “Gazprombank”, “Ugra”, “AK bars” and others. Similarly, you can access your Telegram account and even control the appliances, if the owner of a smartphone configured with the appropriate service.

It seems that modern technology is not yet ready to safely settle down in daily life, and the example of Siri proves it. However, you can always disable the ability to interact with the voice assistant on the lock screen under “Siri” of the iPhone settings.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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