How to use the 3D Touch in the Podcasts app

Do you use a 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus? Maybe a lot of people would use this feature, but just don’t know what is its use. We are so accustomed to the iPhone and iOS that gesture with increased clicking does not seem to us something simple and intuitive. We must carefully examine its capabilities. Let’s start with the Podcasts app.

The built-in Podcasts app which has all the necessary opportunities so that you can easily find and listen for your podcast. Sure, many use this app to listen to weekly podcast If you use this application, it is necessary to know how the 3D Touch can help you in listening to podcasts.

The transition to a favorite podcast

Go directly to one of my favorite podcasts right from your home screen, pushing harder on the app icon Podcasts. A nice addition is that you can see whether a new release from a favorite podcast, or you are offered to listen to old.

Quick start to play a new release


This feature is available in the “My podcasts”. Select the show for which the available unplayed releases, press harder and pull up the pop-up window. So you will be able to start playing a new release.

Preview podcast in iTunes


If you are looking for something new in the menu “Selection”, you can click on one of the stronger offer to listen to the podcasts and you’ll see a description and list of available releases.


The same gesture is available in the menu “Search”.

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