How to win an Apple Watch and get a stylish docking station for them with the discount

Yesterday we told you about how to get a great dock for iPhone and Apple Watch – stylish aluminum stand from iVAPO looks very harmoniously together on IOS devices. And today we will share another interesting find – a docking station for the Apple Watch from Oittm, a well-known manufacturer of accessories for Apple. The device also is the device “two in one”, but with a slight caveat – it is actually possible to charge up to four devices.

Externally, the product looks simple and practical – a small cylinder with dimensions of 88 x 90 x 70 mm in lower part of which there are three USB 3.0 ports, and he is charging from the port, 100-240V. At the top of the screen there is a hole in which is placed one of the two holders supplied – for iPhone and Apple Watch. The cylinder is hollow inside, the top lid opens and inside is provided with one of two cables for charging either a smartphone or hours. Pre-charging must roll – so the cord will last longer because it is free from kinks and bends.

Recommend to install in the upper part it is charging from the Apple Watch – they are well charged in the mode of the Nightstand and look great. It is possible to order the dock in three colors: silver, “space grey” and “pink gold”, you can pick up the color of hours. If desired, of course, you can install and iPhone, but we think that watch will look more elegant.

How to get a “stylish hub” discount: November 11, the day of the bachelor the company will offer a 25 percent discount on dock Oittm, but if you subscribe to a group “Vkontakte” Apple Kanal, we get another 5% discount. Also, everyone can take part in the raffle and win a coupon for 1000 rubles, and the administration AliExpress too, will make a variety of jokes, so tomorrow will be quite an interesting day for catching a good discount.

Moreover, if the seller will be able to implement more than 300 docking stations in the group Vkontakte will be held the draw of the Apple Watch for the repost. So watch for updates and participate – good luck.

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