HTC will release a blockchain-mobile Exodus 22 Oct

New HTC smartphone – Exodus – could become one of the most interesting gadgets in 2018. In addition, the device is very mysterious, since journalists about him almost nothing is known.

HTC has published in his Instagram profile, the news that Exodus will be submitted this month. In the message there is a short video that tseric name – Exodus (Exodus), and the date of the announcement of 22 October.

Earlier we told you about the interview with the project leader of the blockchain-smartphone Phil Chen publisher of The Verge. Despite the crisis period of the company, HTC decided to release a gadget that was in the plans from 2015. The company relies on secure storage of cryptocurrency and believes that they are the future.

So, what can you expect from HTC Exodus?

Exodus is the blockchain-a smartphone that is equipped with special algorithms support all the major cryptocurrencies and the ability to store “electronic cash” offline right on the phone. Once it’s associated with a cryptocurrency, then this gadget may be the safest device in the world. It is also known that Exodus will be running the Android OS.

Specifications, prices, design company keeps a closely guarded secret, so it remains to wait until October 22.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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