Huawei has hired a former Apple designer to make the shell of their smartphones “easier and nicer”

At the beginning of the month, the electronics manufacturer Huawei said that over the next 5 years, intends to bypass Apple and Samsung in terms of production and become the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer with a market share of more than 25%. For this the company will have several times to increase the supply of its products. By itself, this result is not achieved, but Huawei has a purpose.

As it became known, the Chinese manufacturer has hired former Apple designer Abigail Sarah Brody, who worked on the design of iOS. She will be responsible for the look of the new software shell EMUI, which will be released in September.

It is noteworthy that ex-employee that Apple will help Huawei to make an appearance FOR less similar on iOS. To be precise, the company wants to make your shell more minimalist and similar to the “pure” Android, and Brody needs to add to her “warmth and emotion”.

In addition, it is mentioned that Huawei intends to reduce its dependence on the Android platform, creating an alternative project. According to media reports, the Chinese company is working on its own mobile OS. Huawei does not want to rely only on Android. Center for the development of the new operating system of the company is allegedly in Scandinavia. And to participate in a secret project of the Chinese company invited former employees of Nokia.

Abigail Sarah Brody declined to comment on the rumors about the project the publication of the Information, but actually acknowledged his existence, saying he plans to meet with the development team in August of this year.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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