Huawei trolls Apple and Samsung: the Chinese say that they never slowed down their phones

On 24 October the Italian antitrust regulator has fined both Apple and Samsung to 15 million euros for slowing down older devices. About it reports Reuters.

The results of the Italian investigation showed that both companies force updated the firmware on the devices of their brands. Speed was slowed down, and users had to buy new gadgets. Samsung will pay the Italians € 5 million, Apple — twice.

Huawei was unable to resist and not trolling the main competitors. In the official account of Twitter in the UK, the company said it “will never slow phones to force users to install updates”. Huawei representatives also took advantage of the release of their new flagships (Huawei Mate and Mate 20 20 Pro) and introduced in a tweet the hashtags #BornFastStaysFast and #NeverSlowDown, which means “born fast is fast” and “never hesitate”.

Huawei is not the first time provokes his opponents. Back in March 2018 in London drove trucks with Huawei is smartphone P20 on the sides, and a couple of them were parked outside of the stores Apple and Samsung. In September, the Chinese company started to distribute power-bank customers who were expecting the release of the new iPhone XS. And recently in the presentation of the Mate 20 Pro Huawei showed its flagship charges the iPhone XS and XS Max: these models have batteries of smaller capacity.

Read more about the trial because of slowing smartphone can be read here: Better late than never: the Italian government fined Apple and Samsung for deliberately slowing down smartphones

Apple has already apologized for the slowdown of old phones. You can read about this here: Apple: “We apologize,”

Apple delayed iPhone is not just. We wrote about this here: Yes, Apple slows down old phones. This is absolutely normal and correct.

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