Huawei will create flexible smartphones

Last month Huawei said it wants to create a flexible smartphone before the Samsung, but did not say how they are going to do it. PhoneArena found out what it was about.

It turns out that to achieve the goal, Huawei has just teamed up with BOE Technology. BOE Technology became the first Chinese company specializing in the production of screens: it has begun producing flexible OLED displays in 2017.

According to reports, the BOE will produce 8-inch OLED panels with flexible structure that Huawei is going to use its foldable smartphones. In addition, BOE Technology has received orders for the development of four prototypes of flexible displays for two different smartphone manufacturers, whose names were not mentioned.

It is unclear whether the BOE to meet the needs of two manufacturers instead of one. But already now it is possible to predict the success of an Alliance as technology BOE Technology and Finance Huawei together can bear fruit.

Good to release bendable smartphone strive many companies. Apple already has patents for this account, Huawei also previously patented technology of flexible displays. Samsung is also not far behind: there were rumors about the launch of the Samsung Galaxy X in 2018.

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