HyperX Cloud Revolver — if you think that decent games for Mac no

On 31 March we were lucky to attend the presentation is not quite typical for users of Apple devices — Cloud gaming headset Revolver from the company’s HyperX. The novelty was so impressed by our editorial office that we decided to tell you about it, and specific cases of application.

HyperX is positioning its new gaming headset as accessory of luxury, and it is not so much the price, but in the materials used, the build quality and features. Cloud Revolver has an incredibly wide audiotape, giving the sound of the Studio level. But let’s see everything in more detail.

To begin, a few words about the package. In original Boxing, in addition to the headset, we found a microphone and two-meter extension cable with control unit — to adjust the volume, enable or disable the microphone. Here is the plugs for connecting to audio output and the microphone connector.

Actually, from gaming headphone smaller and do not wait. However, no less noteworthy are materials in the headband and ear pads is a brand of polyurethane foam with memory effect and faux leather premium. Due to this, the headset is comfortable and convenient “sitting” on his head, and the strength of the whole structure attaches to the steel frame headband.

The microphone, by the way, is also special — with noise reduction function, it provides high quality voice transmission. Most importantly, it is removable: you can put on a headset, connect it to your iPhone and to go to school or work.

HyperX Cloud Revolver equipped with a 50-mm directional speakers and larger cups with holes for air, which is very useful to us in shooters like CS: Global Offensive. Sound sources (footsteps, knifes, jumps, arms) are defined with incredible accuracy, and this is a very cool advantage over other players. No more questions “how does this noise” — for half a second identified source, turned and shot.

Why we write about games, you ask? The myth that no intelligent Mac games, is long outdated — have a look in the Mac App Store, there are all the modern hits. The more a couple of weeks ago the number of games on Steam for OS X has exceeded three thousand. So the question here is not a question, but rather the “hardware”.

A little more info about the technical characteristics.

• Speaker: 50mm speakers with neodymium magnets
• Type: covering, closed
• Frequency response: 12 – 28 000 Hz
• Resistance: 30 Ohms
• Sound pressure level: 104,5 dB SV. pressure / mW at 1 kHz
• Input power: rated 30 mW, max – mW 500
• Weight: 360 g
• Length and type of cable: headset (1 m) + unit audio control (2 m)
• Connectors: Jack plug 3.5 mm and block sound control – 3.5 mm connector for audio input and microphone
• Microphone: noise canceling, electret condenser transducer

Returning to the games, this headset works with computers and mobile devices. Supports Ventrilo, Raidcall, and other systems, TeamSpeak certified. In General, worthy of attention of every self-respecting gamer.

If you are not very interested in Revolver Cloud will be a great companion for your iPhone. The sound is rich, the optimum balance of low and high frequencies, the bass felt good. What I especially like is the ability to hear each of the instruments in any song, even if they play together. Not everyone can boast of such a “feature”.

So, despite the fact that HyperX is initially positioned as a gaming headset, it can be used not only in shooters. “Flunked” a couple of dozen on de_dust 2, I decided to take a break — turned the fourteenth Sonata by Beethoven (the latter not for everybody, of course).

Perhaps the main advantage of this headset — the head does not get tired from the headphones, as is often the case with accessories of this type. Not tired in a physical sense and in terms of sound, you do not feel the headphones on your head, and it’s very cool.

So far, HyperX Cloud Revolver can be ordered in the store 4Frag from 1 April to 9 may to all who pre-ordered will receive a gift card valued at 20 euros and a gift from Kingston. Recommended retail price is 13 990 rubles. In free sale will arrive with the headset 10 may this year. Even if you are not an avid gamer, I advise you to pay attention.

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