Hyundai has added support for Apple CarPlay for 8 new cars

Hyundai announced the expansion of support CarPlay in their own line of cars. Apple car technology will allow drivers to use the iPhone as fully as possible, while not being distracted from the road.

Hyundai has released the firmware update, which adds support for Apple CarPlay in eight new cars, including the 2016 Elantra GT, Sonata 2015 and 2016, Santa Fe and Santa Fe Sport 2017, Genesis 2015 and 2016, and 2016 Tucson.

Hyundai says about on-Board car system with touch screen, whose interface is reminiscent of iOS. It can be controlled by touching the main panel of the management bodies or with voice using Siri. On-Board system Sonata, Elantra, Genesis, Santa Fe and Tucson are presented with multimedia system with 7 – and 8-inch touchscreen screens, and to invoke the voice assistant has a button on the steering wheel.

Menu CarPlay users will find the familiar iPhone features – navigation using Apple maps, calls, music player, short message. For example, the voice command can activate a call, get directions, play music. Siri can also read received message and help recruit and send a response.

The owners of the aforementioned cars can download the appropriate update on the official Hyundai website, and to see a list of cars from all manufacturers that support Apple CarPlay, at this link.

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