Hyundai has developed a fingerprint scanner to unlock and start the car engine

Hyundai Motor company has developed a system that will allow car owners to unlock and start them using fingerprints.

This system will be installed in model Santa-Fe 2019 and initially available only for the China market.

Drivers will be able to register their fingerprints in the car before using the system.

Biometric scanner installed in the door handle. It sends the encrypted data to the system, then there is unlocking of the vehicle.

In addition, the ignition button the car will also be installed the same scanner.

At the same time, company representatives noted that few drivers can register their biometric data in the system and, depending on the fingerprint, the car will automatically adjust the seat position and the angle of the mirrors.

Hyundai also plans to add a memory function of interior temperature, humidity and steering.

This is not the first case where fingerprints are used to run cars, but Hyundai is the first manufacturer to offer a biometric unlock doorknobs.

Engineers put a lot of effort, because the scanners of fingerprints on the doorknobs must resist sunlight, low temperatures in winter and rain.

According to the statement, Hyundai, this unlock method uses the individual human factors, the scanner distinguishes between the levels of electricity in different parts of the finger, to prevent tampering or forgery of fingerprints. The level of accuracy of the reader is quite high ā€“ from 50 000 attempts to unlock the scanner worked only once.

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