I mHERE: new app for Dating

Since communication of all mankind long moved online, it is not surprising that such a delicate form of interaction, like Dating, is now online. Why in the world there are about a million Dating services, each of which, however, leaves much to be desired – the monetization peremudrili, few functions, everything works through the stump-deck, it too is a particular contingent of the website. So if you want a normal Dating service of, and even with a couple of interesting “chips”, this time I mHERE.

Consider a program closer. I mHERE is a multi – deyt-service. But not only: in addition, it’s a complete social network where you can not only make friends but also to do a lot of cool things. But still the Central task I mHERE to bring people together, so if you are looking for a life partner – you have wandered into the right place.

First and foremost, I’m downloading mHERE sign up. It’s quite simple: just fill in a few fields, preferably true – to your advantage. Then the application will leave you alone, and you will be able to evaluate the functionality. There is an interesting point. Unlike colleagues in the genre, I mHERE allows not only to exchange “likes” and stuff, but to fully manage your profile in “Vkontakte”, Facebook and Twitter. You can write statuses, upload pictures, and using hashtags in General, enjoy a full social life.

The other important point. The geographical location of users is determined by the built-in map so you see who and where he lives. It’s damn convenient, especially for residents of large cities: the program takes into account not only the city but the specific location; if something happens, you don’t have to go on the way to their newfound love (or you will do it consciously). Again, you can suddenly find out that next door someone is wasting away from loneliness. What’s there in the entryway, in the tube, right next to you! When established the initial sympathy, it is possible to continue communication in the messenger – it is built right into I mHERE, no problem.

However, the app can be used not only as deyt-service, but as a regular means of communication. Invite in I mHERE your friends, relatives, and be aware of what they are doing, and what happens to them. To communicate with family through the same Messager.

I mHERE – app free. You will not be asked money or with the installation, or later, for using. Domestic payments either, what distinguishes I mHERE from competitors – who once went on popular Dating sites, he knows that there orders. The problem with the service while only one program is not a lot of people, which makes it useless for residents, for example, of small towns. While I mHERE are very dependent on the number of users and their activity – but if the app will be able to slip through this barrier, it might work. So be the first!

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

Hi! I’m Clifton and I am a full-stack engineer with a passion for building performant and scalable applications that are beautiful and easy to use.

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