I respect Apple for what?

Apple, occupying first places of various ratings, is the most titled among the competitors. The most expensive Corporation in the world, the most innovative manufacturer, the most tolerant employer – this is not a complete list of titles available in the Arsenal of Cupertino. Just recently this list has replenished with unconditional victory in the fight for the right to be called the most respected organization in the world.

Annual “technological race”, organized by the publication Fortune it is to bring out the best of the best. Ranked on nine criteria, companies compete in quality control on the production, level of capitalization, financial stability and popularity of manufactured goods and services.

After completing “the race” with a final rating of 8.6, Apple Inc. for the ninth consecutive year was named the most respected firm, beating by most measures even the Alphabet, which took second place. Honorary “bronze” managed to win the largest Internet retailer Amazon released the field of battle with 7.3 points.

Perhaps Apple really is something worth admiring.

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