IBM: Mac almost $550 cheaper than PC

IBM told about the benefits of using a Mac and how the transition to Apple computers helps her to save. According to the company, depending on the model of Mac it saves for four years, from $273 to $543 compared with computers on Windows.

The transition to Mac Intel began in mid-2015. Only in the first year of the introduction of computers on macOS “blue giant” has launched nearly 30 000 Mac, and the number is growing. To date, the company employs 90 000 Apple computers (laptops and desktops) that support a total of five administrators. Over a four-year period, IBM expects to save almost $550, which would have had to spend on PC support.

“Our experience has shown that the presence of a PC doubles the number of calls in technical support. Depending on the Mac model, we save from $273 to $543 compared to Windows computers over a four-year term of office”, ā€“ told about the experience of using Mac Vice President directions for equipment jobs IBM Fletcher Previn?. If you multiply the money on more than 100,000 Mac that will work in the company before the end of the year, and you get major savings.

Previn? speaks not for the first time. Last year Vice-President of IBM said that a few months of using Mac in the company noticed the effect of the economy, because their users require much less consultation about the management and configuration of computers.

“Everyone bought us Mac brings and saves money IBM”, ā€“ he said then, and this speech Previn? again repeated the words.

Only about 73% of IBM employees want to see as your next work machine is a Mac, said the company.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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