ICQ, launched messenger effects similar to the masks MSQRD

The iPhone and iPad were the first among users of ICQ, who will be able to try interactive masks during video calls and also share your new images with your friends. The function works similar to applications MSQRD and Snapchat.

The new technology integrated into ICQ, allows to superimpose in real time at the faces of 2D and 3D masks. The application is available in 11 variants: beard, cat’s ears and nose, “the terminator” and others. Users can overlay them in video chat or shooting pictures and video.

Mask adapt to facial expressions and head movements — they are determined by key points on the eyes, cheeks, eyebrows, forehead and nose, explained in ICQ. The basis functions formed by the facial recognition system Luna, developed by the Russian company Systems.

On the work Mail.Ru Group on service overlay masks on photos and videos it became known in August of this year. Sources reported that the service can come in the form of separate applications or as features in ICQ.

Accounting services develop Belarusian application developers MSQRD, who in March joined Facebook, and the American company Snapchat.

“We are pleased that the technology of face recognition which are now used mostly in the corporate sector are beginning to find application in mass products for users. Mask — a great opportunity for any person to touch the augmented reality technologies and to get new emotions from video chatting,” said Alexander Khanin, CEO of VisionLabs.

Now, in addition to ICQ users available editor, where you can just draw with your finger, apply stickers, add geobugi and text with different fonts, pictures and videos.

Download ICQ for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

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