Ignatius – magic of silent cinema

What is grim – really grim – platformer, you know? Of Course, Limbo. Sure Inside. Partially Badland. Perhaps Woolfe: The Red Hood Diaries. In General, there are options – in the end, is almost a separate niche – when you have to not only jump, but also a melancholy sigh, looking around, eyes desperate. In most games, the darkness is achieved by a number of simple ways: dark, corpses all around, the stench of hell. Often it’s all far-fetched – just wanted author. Ignatius is a rare game where black and white Splin justified by the script.

Ignatius is a young guy, perhaps even a teenager. He works as an accountant in a small firm, languishing from boredom: each new day as the previous one, of clearance in front of no, tired of life. In General, the full range of emotions the average person older than 23 years. But one day the life of Ignatius is changing dramatically. In his town comes an unprecedented miracle – tent with a camera, achieving the best engineers of the early 20th century. The guy goes to see a gimmick where his shoulder enough of the mustachioed guy. Nou criminality – Ignatius show a silent picture, and he falls through the dense curtain. Now he is in the film.

On the background of the blurred spot of blackened Gothic towers on the description of these magical flourishes exchanged the life of Edgar Allan PoE. In the foreground eyes the lights Shine Ignatius, dressed in an elegant hat. If the picture is blurred: I want to focus, to see all the details. Will not work – you are traveling on the edge of dream and reality, truth and fiction. Haze – a necessary creative tool, not a dense fog just hides the obvious flaws of the technology, but also thicken the tension.

Run farther – and then the author recalls that the court of the early 20th century, and on the film – all masterpieces of world cinema when the heroes are not yet able to speak. Appropriate entourage – pretty quickly you run into the moon with the capsule in the eye, surrounded, by the way, retrogamer. Through the movie all is expressed, in particular, to survive, you need to collect four pieces of the bobbin.

However, how beautiful the game looks so… simple in. This is the picture of a cheap platformer, a textbook example of it. Button escape button to jump, button to act. Obstacles floating in the air of the hills and cliffs. Both the first and the second is a problem: Ignatius hardly recognizes the team filed sensory way, fails, doesn’t listen and mess around. The game spares no one: fell into the cliff, start again – that is, the whole level again.

In addition, there is a hint on nonlinear maps, and why the already difficult platforming becomes a powerful simulator for pumping nerves. About fifteen minutes after starting, you simply will not understand what to do – there will be a remote cliff. Search for, dig, pry, and play, play, play.

However, if you have a masochistic streak, forcing chase “Maboa”, “Ignatius” hardly will cause any problems – so the question is complexity, anyway, private. But what the game really make is pricing – the starting price is simply no, nothing inside no need to pay. What is the focus? Advertising – it POPs up every time you start again. In principle, nothing terrible – and you can wait five seconds. And then again in Gothic style, city lights, in suffering and in death.

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