IMDb: kinogid pocket in your iPhone

Choose a movie, watch the trailer, leave a review and even purchase tickets ā€” all this can be done in the application Kinopois k. Talk about what is in the main application is for fans of cinema.

The app is stylistically very similar to the official website of Kinopoisk, and thus to use them simply and conveniently. The app allows you to watch the trailers both old and upcoming movies, read ratings and reviews on movies, and buy movie tickets. One of the important advantages of the app is the built-in schedule of film premieres ā€” this allows you to manage your leisure using one program and count the time without spending power to use third-party services like Yandex.The poster, or Internet search engines. In addition to the dates, this section also shows the ranking of expectations of the films: the green color represents the most relevant pattern.

When you click on the movie title, the application throws the user to a more detailed description of the film (synopsis, and genre) and information about its creators received or expected honors and interesting facts about the film or its filming.

Despite the ease of use and frequent updates, from time to time the app crashes. So, one of the last of the bugs was the inability to play the trailers, but it was quickly corrected in one of next updates.

The undoubted advantage of the application is a wide range of films. Users can choose as the old Soviet and foreign films and modern paintings, just released on big screens. Thanks to a well-established system of ratings and reviews that you can read right in the Kinopoisk, the user is given clear and understandable picture of the entire history of cinema, in which he can choose what he likes based on the rating, compiled by hundreds of thousands of users who have already looked a picture.

The Apple iPhone allows you to instantly buy tickets to a session is required: for this you need only to choose the film, which now goes to the movies and theater, and go to the payment of tickets through Apple Pay or Bank card. Code received after the payment must be exchanged for a ticket at the cinema box office.

IMDb for iPhone can be downloaded for free at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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