In American restaurant, the visitors began to serve meals on iPad

In the famous American restaurant found perhaps one of the most unusual applications of the iPad. A dish of white truffle called “a Dog in search of gold” is served on tablets of Apple.

The name of the restaurant in San Francisco Quince speaks for itself. Like that institution at the beginning of this year was awarded the third Michelin star for a chef is almost the same as the “Oscar” for an actor or Director.

However, as noted by Life, Quince decided to attract the youth audience. Apparently, others fresh ideas is not found and the restaurant management took such a strange decision.

Also, what is with the iPad, apparently, is not very convenient, there are a couple of questions: how to deal with these “plates” when the visitor has left? To throw them still too wasteful. But if, as required by sanitary rules, they are washed, how the device operates?

Finally, what do you think about this in the local Ministry of health?

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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