In App Store there was an application for simultaneous translation of telephone conversations

Lost in translation is a pressing issue for those who travel a lot. Ukrainian app developers Chatlas lets you instantly arrange transfer of any negotiation: and the phone (via conference call), and live interviews (using a speakerphone).

Work on the project was conducted almost a year, and recently the programmers released the first version of the application. Chatlas download free, however, for use of the service will be charged, as all translators – real people (as you know, the services of professional interpreters are expensive).

As the developers told in an interview with AIN, to date, the service has registered more than 150 translators. “Each of the translators like moderation before working on the system, therefore, activated to date 27 of all registered,” said they.

The rates depend on the type of call: direct call of the translator (0,99€ per minute) or a conference call with interpreter (1,19€ per minute). The first minute is free, the money is withdrawn from the account in Chatlas, starting from the second minute. But in order to attract users, the app’s creators pay each 5€ bonus.

Today, the application translation is available in English, Chinese, German and Spanish. In the near future, the developers plan to increase the number of languages add the ability to connect a professional interpreter to chat and have an app for the Android platform.

Among the main competitive advantages of the developers called: the speed – search need translator takes no more than two minutes, per minute charge of service from a traditional translation hourly payment, the minimum order usually is two hours and the opportunity to contact an interpreter, even if there is no Internet connection. The connection is through a standard phone call.

Chatlas can download in the App Store at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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