In Apple confirmed the development of long-awaited features Apple TV

You waited this long, but the developers of Apple, pointing to the impossibility of implementing this feature today, offering to wait for better times. Welcome to the best times! Forget about your remote control for Apple TV, you no longer need it.

In a recent interview with representatives of top management of Apple Inc. in the face of eddy cue and Craig Federighi told the host of the show Talk Show John Gruber that they plan to create a worthy alternative to Apple TV Remote. This news certainly will appeal to lovers of remotes to lose or sit on them, the prospect of buying them which is not pleasing.

“After a few months we plan to launch the official app for the iPhone called Remote, — told Kew. — So if you have an iPhone, it will completely repeat the functionality of the Siri Remote control”.

The new program, the release is probably planned for March, will provide your smartphone with all features that has a standard remote, including activation of the console, voice commands and even imitation of the touch panel. Moreover, iPhone will be able to work as a game controller, saving you money on buying the accessory from the SteelSeries.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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