In China, opened a hotel, which is managed via messenger

In Shanghai opened a smart hotel with the support of WeChat. It allows customers to book rooms, to open the door and confirm the identity via messenger, without the people.

Visitors to the hotel can book a room through WeChat. Upon arrival at the hotel they confirm their identity through facial recognition and get a digital key to access the room. Despite the fact that the hotel is under ground at a depth of 27 meters, it is equipped with high-speed Internet, writes The Verge.

Tencent, which owns WeChat, is working on the development of smart hotels in 2014. The main innovation in this case is to support facial recognition for quick human check.

Through WeChat, visitors to the hotel can pay for a room, book a service, change the temperature in the room to adjust the lights and curtains. Service in the restaurant is made after the face recognition. If the client has a luxury hotel room, he has the opportunity to call the Butler via WeChat.

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Clifton Nichols

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