In iOS 10.3 the application icons will be able to change at will the developers

The first beta version of iOS 10.3 there were a lot of interesting. Even more found themselves the developers. Apple gives them new opportunities. We have already talked about a new API that enables developers to invoke a pop-up window for the evaluation of the application. Apple told them about another future opportunity. Developers will be able to change the icon of your app, when they want.

In other words, you do not need to put the update in the App Store in order to change the appearance of its icons displayed on the home screen of the device. IOS SDK 10.3 allows you to use multiple icons: primary and secondary. For changing icons you will need permission for this action from the user.

This seemingly simple innovation can open a lot of opportunities. For example, application icons, online stores can vary on the occasion of the holiday sales. Icons games may change depending on progress and weather app will be able to inform you about many things, without having to open the app itself. I’m sure developers will find many uses for new opportunities.

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