In iOS 10 found a dark UI mode

What is wanted and what you asked for, it seems, is getting closer. Although Apple has not expressed support for dark mode in iOS interface 10, in the source code of the operating system has references to this function, the new operating system.

In iOS 10 found a dark UI mode

Jailbreak developer Andy Wilk posted on Twitter screenshots of iMessage, which enabled Dark Mode. Examining the possibility of the first test Assembly in iOS a 10, he found the option to enable dark theme inside the emulator.

According to Fork in the code of iOS 10 there is an option CKUIThemeDark for ChatKit. He wrote a simple tweak that made ChatKit enable this option instead of the standard CKUIThemeLight. After that, he downloaded the app in the emulator, which showed a new version of the registration signature chat Apple.

In iOS 10 found a dark UI mode

The plug managed to do it is only with the app iMessage. But he believes that Apple is working on a dark interface mode for the entire operating system, but for some reason decided not to include it in the list of features iOS 10.

Quite possibly, dark interface mode will “trick” the new generation of Apple’s smartphone or iPhone with an OLED display. In this case the company can tell you on Dark Mode on the iPhone 7 in September of this year.

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