In iOS 10 we will run fewer apps

With the release of iOS 10 developers can integrate their apps with Siri, Messages, Maps and Phone that will save users from having to run many different programs.

In the new operating system Apple has proposed a new approach to working with software. The company decided to change focus on their own application. Users do not have to leave the standard application Messages, Maps, Safari, or Siri to work with different services. All information can be obtained from third-party services and applications through extensions.

IOS 10 for the first time, developers can use Siri to offer users to manage their BY using voice commands. Appears app with Siri support for messaging, making calls, search, photos, booking travel payments and personal training. Using Siri you can control the CarPlay application, adjust the air conditioning or the radio through applications from automakers.

Brand chat Apple iOS 10 has been transformed from an ordinary messenger into a platform for developers. The App Store will be available a section for extensions for iMessage, through which third-party developers will offer new ways of communicating, including the ability to select and add stickers to the conversation, quickly edit GIF files or photos to invite to dinner or a movie, and even send payments ā€” and all this directly in Messages.

In maps, Apple also introduced support for extensions. For example, the OpenTable app, you can mark the restaurants for reservations. And in such services as Uber and Lyft, you can book the trip directly from the Cards.

Finally, in iOS 10 have native support of VoIP services. The operating system allows you to integrate instant messaging with the main services and applications for the Apple calls. For example, to make call to WhatsApp user would have to open the regular Phone application, select the subscriber and click the button. The same is true for sending messages via Viber or Telegram. Incoming call from any messenger will appear on your lock screen as a normal call. Doesn’t matter how you call: you need to answer the same way.

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Clifton Nichols

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