In Moscow presented a face recognition system “papilon”: it can not hide even twins

Presentation of the new technology of recognition of persons was held at the XXII International exhibition means to ensure the security of States “INTERPOLITEX-2018”, which this year was held at ENEA. The accuracy of face recognition reaches 99%.

Technology with a high probability will be applied to domestic services, law enforcement agencies, in particular, Regardie, research and development Department which was developing a new project. “Papillon” is able to recognize faces in the video stream. Online technology is able to recognize faces faster than a second. According to the creators of the system, it is also able to determine the sex of a person, his emotional state and age.

It is a system of control and management of access to which is bolted an additional module of verification of the person. At the moment we are considering to use in crowded places. Our system will allow the man, if he is in the database, and to identify it, the system even recognizes the twins.

The exact launch date of new security technologies is not yet known.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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