In Moscow there will be 1,000 free access points Wi-Fi

The company “Prestige-Internet” (works under a brand “Enforta”) won the competition of the Moscow government on the creation of a network of free Wi-Fi access within the Garden ring. This is reported by “Vedomosti”.

Under the terms of the contest, which the municipality is held on the eve of the world championship on football of 2018, the winner will have to set 1100 access points. For the organization of wireless access within 27 months (September 2016 – November 2018) “Prestige-Internet” requested approximately RUR 170.5 million.

About the project the creation of urban Wi-Fi network Child head Artyom Yermolayev spoke for the first time in 2014. Network is needed, in particular, to provide communication for the world Cup matches which will be held in Moscow in 2018, he said.

Er-Telecom has the largest regional Wi-Fi network, which has more than 9,000 outlets across Russia, and the Moscow network will be a part of it. The company’s President Andrey Kuzyaev in an interview with reporters, said that the return on such an ambitious project due to the contract does not, therefore, the company plans to provide within the network and paid services. What he omitted. The decision to expand the network to other areas of Moscow will be made on the results of the project, he added.

According to preliminary data, only operating costs to support a network of this size may be approximately 300 million rubles per year. At first, the investment in the project will come from the city budget, but in the future, the mayor hopes to make the city Wi-Fi attractive to investors and gain their financial support.

In the “Beeline” announced the competition with the networks, urban Wi-Fi is not afraid of his subscribers have been moving to packaged rates that minimize the cost of data traffic in domestic roaming, said the representative of “Beeline” Anna Imasheva. Foreigners also offers sim-card with a special tariff, she said.

Capital “the Megaphone” constantly improves the quality of communication and actively preparing for the world Cup, including in Moscow, the company said. When traveling in Russia Tele2 subscribers use the mobile Internet in the batch rates, it does not require additional costs and the need to connect to Wi-Fi, said the representative of the operator.

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