In Runet launch of the all-Russian anti-virus resource

The head of the subgroup “Information security” of the state program “Digital economy” Ilya massukh in an interview with “Izvestiya” told about creation of the Russian anti-virus resource. With it, Russia is planning to defend itself against the mass virus attacks.

In the subroutine of “Information security” provided such measures of protection as multiscenary for viruses and a special resource, which will be published information about the vulnerabilities found. Plan and create an online resource for coordination of the existing in Russia of the centers of IT security.

Massukh said that on a single site “Multiscanner” will be available to the various anti-virus software from “Kaspersky Lab”, Dr. Web, Avast, Symantec, etc. Users will be able to go to the website and check your computer or mobile gadget. And it will be beneficial for both users and companies, which will see that some malware they were able to catch and some not. The service itself will be free for non-commercial use.

Not spared Ilya massukh and the recent incident with the virus Wannacry. He emphasized that protecting critical infrastructure is one of the objectives of the subprogramme. Moreover, it now seeks to transition to free software as it was in the program “Information society 2011-2020”, and domestic. It may be free, but it is important that it be domestic. This will allow more efficient, flexible and respond quickly to emerging threats. And in 2018, all Federal agencies must move to domestic software.

With regard to the National coordination center for computer incidents, it will help to connect the experience of law enforcement, industrial security systems that exist in the energy sector, the oil industry, in the banking sector, as well as achievements of “Kaspersky Lab”, Dr. Web and other companies. And Ilya Massukh sure that the existence of such a center could block the spread Wannacry in Runet.

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