In Russia promise to hold a “Real Black Friday”

Association of companies the Internet-trade (AKIT) announced on 25 November a large-scale online sales Real Black Friday. In Association promise that the action will take part the largest Internet shops and online services in the country.

The sale will begin on Thursday 24 November with a closed pre-sales for members of the site the official start of the action – 00:00 on November 25. According to the project Manager RealBlack Friday Maria Timofeeva, the organizers are not afraid of competition with other sales events going on the same day.

“We can guarantee the stable work of a site of sale without any technical problems and delayed starts, and lack of robotic traffic. This is a real advantages for both buyers and participating stores,” explains Maria Timofeeva.

In addition, the organizers promise to customers fair discounts – with the “artificial” Association intends to fight.

“We will selectively monitor the proposals of the parties on the subject of “artificiality” discounts”, – says Alexey Fedorov, President of AKITA. – If the promotional price will be questionable in comparison with the usual offer of the participant, the offer will be withdrawn and sent back for revision. We are against any attempts to defraud our customers. The sale must be fair, only in this case, both the buyer and the shop party will be satisfied.”

Their participation in the action have already confirmed “M. Video”, “220 Volts”, “Hardware”, Inventive Retail Group, ELC, Eldorado, Lamoda, Svyaznoy, “Children’s world”,,, Ozon, “Citylink”, “Adamas”, “Bronnitskaya jeweler” and others In the Association are confident that the sale will attract at least 200 participants, online stores and online services. In addition, the organizers intend to place on the website which has already become traditional for shares of AKITA section with Russian goods.

Make purchases with significant discounts to “Real black Friday” people from all regions of Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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