In Russia, scammers have found a way to successfully sell used iPhone with activation lock

One of the users of Pikabu spoke about a new way of fraud with the iPhone on the Russian flea markets. They are not dishonest sellers to want to sell a locked smartphone ā€“ that is found or stolen from the owner.

To do this, the scammers damage the SIM card connector iPhone. As a result, when you turn the device reaches the stage of activation and can not pass her, because to activate you need to insert the SIM card and the smartphone does not recognize.

“The buyer either does not verify that or tell him that “your SIM card something wrong.” And maybe just sold as “in need of budget repair”. A peck at it, especially if the price of the phone tempting low ā€“ says a representative of service center.

The man wants to use the service. Repair is not expensive ā€” about 2000 rubles for the replacement of the SIM card slot. It’s just not the biggest trouble: the next step after installing “the Sims”, this iPhone will be asked to enter iCloud data of the previous owner. Which, of course, no one knows, and the seller disappeared.

Be careful when buying a used iPhone, do not forget to check the smartphone on activation lock by Apple ID and iCloud.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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