In Russia will increase the cost of services of car-sharing

The cost of renting a car in Russia has increased on average by 15-20 percent. As reported by analysts portal Hi-Tech Mail.Ru the growth of prices in coming months will only increase.

According to analysts, the cost of car-sharing in Russia in 2018 increased by 20-30 percent. So, as an example of increasing the prices of renting a car can be a plan car sharing BelkaCar: there average cost of services for the year increased from 312 to 415 rubles. A similar situation can be observed in Dailymobile, where the average rate for services was up almost 60 rubles – from 245 to 301 of the ruble.

Rising prices, according to experts, will grow in 2019. The reason for this was the increase in gasoline prices. As the cost of fuel in Russia is now unstable, it can trigger additional growth of cost of services.

Analysts also noted that at the moment most karteninhaber companies operate at a loss and don’t get almost any benefits from their work. In their view, the rise in gasoline prices may lead to the disappearance of car-share services in the Russian market from-for their unprofitability.

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