In some countries, the flagman Samsung Galaxy Note 7 will be sold with no company logos

In comments to the news about Samsung smartphone, you can often find phrases like, “if not for this inscription on all sides, would have taken him.” Well, soon these people will have a chance to realize a dream.

As you know, Apple is not an eyesore to its brand name for manufactured devices. All that said about the ownership of the product Peru California Corporation is a simple logo in the form of a bitten Apple. But other manufacturers can’t say. Like a trifle — well, there is an inscription on the phone, well, okay. But some people find this a trifle annoying, so much so that they abandon the device in favor of other models, without the annoying label.

In April last year for the first time, Samsung said its smartphone Galaxy S6 and S6 edge will be sold in Japan without the company logo. A similar statement was made regarding the flagships and Galaxy S7 Galaxy S7 edge, which went on sale without the logo Samsung in several other countries, including South Korea and China.

The new flagship smartphone Samsung Galaxy Note7 go the same way. According to leaked promotional materials, in some countries, labels are missing on both sides of the unit. On a direct question about the reasons for such policy branding a Samsung spokesperson evasively said: “We think that the Galaxy brand is already well known in the world.”

At the moment there is no exact list of countries, which will be released this version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

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