In Telegram messenger appeared cloud storage and a section with popular stickers

Mobile messenger Telegram has a new feature. Users can now use chat for personal file storage. The developers have added in-app cloud storage, whereby users will be able to download the service own files and then download them from another device or send to your friends.

In the description of the update notes that users have already used the chat rooms to store content, instead of having a separate service. Now, this trick has become quite official. To save the file or private message, open the menu “Contacts” and find your own name. After that, the user can open a chat with them and download there all the necessary information.

In addition, in the Telegram there was a section with popular stickers ā€“ Stickers Trending tab. Images are now divided into groups. Simplified the addition of a large number of sets of stickers ā€” once their number exceeds 200, the old sets are automatically backed up.

Also in the latest update the developers added the ability to preview group to find out how many people in it) and opened the built-in video player in the Telegram Desktop. All innovations available in the new version 3.11 Telegram.

The messenger of Pavel Durov is considered one of the most convenient and functional services on the market. A key advantage of the chat is a reliable encryption system and, as a consequence, a high degree of security exchange and storage of information. In the settings there is an item that allows you to log out all sessions on other devices.

Download Telegram for iPhone and iPad is available for free at this link.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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