In the App Store for the new Apple TV now supports video in the description

New Apple TV 4 is a great promising product, but it requires constant refinement. Rather, you should modify tvOS, and Apple regularly does it. We already know about the changes that are waiting for owners of consoles with the release version 9.2 tvOS. However with some modifications they can meet today, if you visit the App Store on its Apple TV fourth generation.

Now in the description of apps for Apple TV available not only screenshots, but also videos created by the developers to ensure that users can experience the app before installing. Do not blame Apple for the fact that this feature was not available immediately. It was not long enough and in the App Store for iPhone and iPad. She appeared there in 2014, and it is worth noting that in the Google Play store, this feature was implemented much earlier.

Now before installing apps on your Apple TV, you can watch the video in the app description, and I hope it will give you to understand, is to install the app or not. This feature will be more useful when Apple TV will be a large selection of apps. New apps and games are added regularly, and Apple quickly improves tvOS, making the console convenient and interesting literally every week.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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