In the explosions of smartphones Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was accused of battery of iPhone 7 Plus

In October of this year, Samsung said it conducted a thorough study of the causes which lead to explosions Samsung Galaxy Note7, promising to publish the results of the investigation later. It took a month and a half, but in Seoul and have not found the exact cause of the fire on their mobile devices.

As said the representative of Samsung in Russia Mikhail Goryunov, Samsung are still investigating the cause of explosions Galaxy Note 7.

“Investigation of the causes of fire Samsung Galaxy Note 7 continues. The official results of the investigation, Samsung Electrnics will publish later,” said Goryunov.

On Monday, the Instrumental specialists that diagnose devices, disassembled Galaxy Note 7 and called its cause auto-ignition of the smartphone. According to them, Samsung has sought to ensure the autonomy of your smartphone higher than the iPhone, so made the wrong layout details. Components inside the phone pressing the power. In the end, even though the battery was placed in a separate compartment, the distance between the parts and the battery is minimal

“The use of a smaller battery capacity would avoid problems. However, because of this, the time of the smartphone would be smaller than that of the preceding Note 5, as well as the direct competitor iPhone 7 Plus”, ā€” the report says Instrumental.

In Samsung say that the investigation is still ongoing and its results will be announced later. Due to the fact that the causes of samosatene remain a mystery company, delayed the development of the next flagship ā€“ the Galaxy S8.

Smartphones Galaxy Note 7 went on sale in August 2016, but in October, after multiple cases of spontaneous combustion, first Samsung to halt sales and then stopped production.

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