In the future – without iPhone: named Russian 7 gadgets and services for true patriots

Import substitution in Russia is gaining momentum. Now the Ministry is going to transplant officials on domestic appliances the MacBook. Than ready to provide the Russian users of our industry in the framework of import substitution? Yes, almost everything. But there are nuances about which told in the Tricolor TV.


Federal agencies appreciate the products of Apple and Lenovo, but the Ministry of industry and trade merciless – will have to go to the computers DNS, iRU and RoverBook. It is Russian manufacturers who make really inexpensive and functional equipment, but collected their table fitting, laptops and tablets most often on Intel processors and sharpened by Windows or Android. Domestic “brains” to the ordinary consumer is still not getting through, they are completed primarily for system defense. With other office equipment we have the more not so hot – was at the beginning of the century, the company “MV”, supplying copiers and printers to various ministries and departments, but lately the industry has passed into the category of mythology.

Operating system

If it is to declare Windows and OS X “axis of evil”, it would be logical to transition to a Russian Linux and supported products. The team of ALT Linux Team is composed of developers from Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Romania and Brazil. And use its products, many commercial and government organizations – for example, the Ministry of health of Dagestan and OJSC “Russian space systems”. Moreover, the operating system is distributed freely, and need a Suite of office software to it – also free company lovingly collected by third-party manufacturers. For example, anti-virus there – Dr Russian. Web. But if properly patched, you can install the Linux game Heroes and fight with orcs and centaurs in the workplace.

Cloud office

This Russian design is created with an eye on Google Documents team of a hundred programmers working on the venerable text editor “the Lexicon” – it was possible to write novels in the days of MS-DOS. Cloud “Maiofis” was presented a year ago in “SKOLKOVO”, and this spring entered into the register of the Ministry of communications of the Russian Federation and was swapped out with public money. Texts, spreadsheets, presentations, email, file storage – all, why do I need Microsoft programs now exist in the Russian equivalent, in network, desktop and mobile versions. And cheaper. However, under Linux “Maiofis” still not working, but promised that here-here.


WhatsApp, Skype, Viber and Telegram to the Russian officials will soon be banned – because data is transferred God knows how and are stored God knows where, where our supervisors to reach out not always, and this disorder. No problem, less than a year ago, a messenger Novosibirsk production “Cucu-AU, whose servers are in Russia. Unfortunately frivolous name has changed to KliChat. Messenger works on iOS and Android, allows in a few clicks to call a taxi or to obtain legal advice, and can automatically communicate with customers, which is useful for large companies.


YotaPhone still showed Dmitry Medvedev, then President, as a prototype of the first Russian smartphone development – second generation devices vengeance for sale, cheaper iPhone, but in terms of functionality and even design in some places exceeds the “Apple” competitor. The main lure here is the second display of electronic ink technology that never goes out, because it almost does not consume energy, and thus information about time, weather, reports and future meetings are always before my eyes. In 2013, the smartphone was awarded the highest award in the category “Innovation” at the international advertising festival “Cannes lions”, but collect it in South-East Asia, and the popularity of the iPhone he did not even dream of. That is, perhaps, the program of import substitution in the higher echelons will help promote the Yota phone.

Landline phone

Here we have a 1990-ies it was all good, the production of phones aonom and anti-Onom, handicraft and industrial scale, was extremely popular and continues existence now is offices in need of hospital apparatus. The sovereign man is very suited, for example, Golden phone “Rus” of the company Rebell. The lineup includes domestic vehicles, and IP-phones to advanced, and vintage disc for nostalgists.


The miracle of technology Apple Watch to officials, probably, too does not Shine now, but the Russian watch industry can offer something with history, and with the original design. For example, watch “Navigator” for the first time was in space on the arm of Gagarin – that is, in terms of reliability did not miscarry, but still have an orderly appearance. Factory “Slava” does not hesitate to put on Polyfelt Russian coat of arms, which should arouse the Patriotic feelings of the servant of the people. Firm “Lightning” produces retro-Breguet “Russian field” with the spikelets in the sun, “Order of Victory” with a star and “Face of Christ”. But if it is necessary that expensive look, there are dazzling platinum, from one million rubles. From the email, however, deaf – but vintage electronics is still found to nostalgist the Soviet times is ideal.

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