In the media appeared the first information about the new iOS 13

12 iOS became available for download on September 17. Despite the fact that new software is not yet a week, journalists have been able to figure out what will be the next iOS 13. Details of the future operating system shared themselves Apple employees.

According to anonymous sources, iOS 13 will make the same revolution as iOS 7 in 2013. Will change not only the appearance of the operating system, but also the management by iPhone and iPad. While all the developments regarding iOS 13 is kept secret, but, as journalists believe, the basic rate will be made on its design. It is expected that the new software, as in the time of iOS 7, too long time will be subject to criticism from users.

Besides the design, the key innovation of iOS 13 will be a list of supported devices. As reported by Apple employees, who wished to remain anonymous, the new operating system will be installed only on iPhone X, and more new models. iPhone 8 and older models will remain with iOS 12. This is largely due to the fact that iOS 13 Apple is going to focus on a new generation of iPhone, the ancestor of which was in 2017, the iPhone X.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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