In the Ministry of communications want to make “Yandex” and Google to block “mirror” torrent trackers

The Ministry of communications published a draft bill on combating the so-called “mirrors of “pirate” sites. It involves locking access to such resources, and will also require search engines to filter results links to them. It is noted that the introduction of legal amendments aimed at strengthening the fight against the spread of pirated content in Runet.

The bill proposed now to discuss, is intended to further the fight against “pirates”, writes Cnews. The copyright owner may demand from the operator of the search engine, placing ads targeted to residents of Russia”, to remove links to sites that allow you to access these objects or containing access information required to obtain them”. This requires that the site has been “permanently” blocked by Moscow city court. The search engine will be 3 days for the removal of such information.

In addition, the bill introduces the concept of “derivative site on the Internet”. This is a resource that has a “similar name and / or display on the Internet, created as a result of moving, full or partial copying of information from the source website, they’re automatically synced, the transfer of such information from one language to another and (or) granting the user access to services and information provided on the original site by automatically redirecting the user to the original site and / or any derivative of the website, and / or full or partial include the contents of the source site displayed in part on derived information”.

Thus Minsvjazi interpret the notion of “mirror” of the site. The bill requires that the Ministry will release a separate training manual for the determination of whether a site mirror or not. If a site is already under court “eternal lock” and creates a “mirror”, the copyright holder may apply to the court for obtaining order for blocking of such mirrors.

Finally, the bill makes amendments to the Civil code, which prohibit telecommunications service providers to disseminate information about the technical mechanisms of bypass of locks. For this the officials will be imposed fines in the amount from 3 thousand to 5 thousand rbl., for individual entrepreneurs ā€” from 10 thousand rubles to 30 thousand rubles, on legal entities ā€” from 50 thousand rubles to 100 thousand rubles.

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