In the network appeared another patent associated with Apple Pencil

Every day there are more and more hints that the iPhone will gain support for stylus, despite the precepts of Steve jobs. Pattently Apple found another proof of that.

The first time he spilled the beans about Tim cook, when in one interview he stated that Apple Pencil with iPhone and iPad, is an amazing experience with their devices.

If you only saw what you can create with Pencil on the iPad or iPhone. This is incredible.

Then he was seen two patents related to the work of brand “pencil” with smartphones.

Another patent shows us how the stylus could interact with the iPhone, as well as a smaller version of the Apple Pencil. Perhaps a more compact, “pencil” is hiding in the body of the smartphone or tablet in the manner the Samsung S Pen.

Of course, a registered patent does not guarantee that the updated stylus will go on sale and will work with the iPhone. Nevertheless, this is a pretty interesting find, especially if you take into account the recent rumors about the iPhone 9 is increased. Maybe next year Apple will release a direct competitor Samsung Galaxy Note.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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