In the network appeared the fraudulent sites selling the new iPhone

In the Internet there are fraudulent sites selling the new iPhone models. This was announced by the organization on the prevention and investigation of cybercrime and fraud Group-IB.

The company’s experts said that in recent months, an increasing number of fraudulent websites selling the new iPhone. The number of such sites has started to rise since June 2018. By the end of September on the Internet there were about five thousand of domains that mention Apple. These sites are used by their creators to steal personal data and information on credit card users. Overall the Network was discovered almost 12 and a half thousand domains that mention iPhone: some of them can be used by dealers and scammers.

Most of the phishing websites are clones of the real online stores. Some, despite the original design that inspires user confidence, put a huge amount of advertising, and the iPhone sell for significantly reduced price. In Group-IB said that it was an abundance of discounts will help users understand what is before them — the crooks. In addition, you need to carefully read the page address, if a purchase is made in online store.

The iPhone XS iPhone XS and Max started in Russia on September 28. The cost of new smartphones starts from 87 96 990 and 990 rubles, respectively.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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