In the Network leaked photos of the iPhone 8 by Foxconn

Despite the fact that before the official presentation of the iPhone 8, there was still a lot of time every day are born more rumors about the alleged specifications of the device. Today, the Network appeared images of the upcoming trends, you can compare the machine with two other yet to be announced smartphones Apple – iPhone 7s iPhone 7s Plus.

Image published by Slashleaks show photos of the iPhone 8, made, allegedly, by Foxconn. We are talking about special forms for mass production of the device. Aluminum ingots show the outlines of the three smartphones of different sizes and have a distinctive technological holes.

If you compare dimensions of smartphones, we can see that the iPhone 8 will be a little more iPhone 7s, but much more compact than the iPhone 7s Plus. The display “g” will be 5,768 inches, it will cover almost the entire front panel.

On image iPhone 8, you can see the dual camera which unlike the iPhone 7s Plus arranged vertically. Another important point is the lack of the rear panel cutout for the fingerprint scanner, which, according to the latest rumors, still managed to put under the surface of the screen.

iPhone 8 is the most anticipated Apple device, partly due to the frequency of the release of “Apple” smartphones. Every two years, the company presents the device in a new form factor and design. This year, in connection with the anniversary of the iPhone is expected to release a radically new smartphone, which includes in addition to a set of evolutionary change, a number of innovative technologies, including 3D camera.

Frequent leaks iPhone images 8 the last time point to something and everything for a long time if you do not know, at least guess, Apple is actively preparing to release the flagship. The debut of the device must be held in the fall, so kupertinovtsy had to be at least several months to develop the serial production of new items.

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