In the network leaked press photos of the new tablet Microsoft Surface Pro

The publication Venture Beat, citing the famous insider Evan Blass published a series of pictures of the new tablets Microsoft, which will be a further development of the product line the Surface Pro 4. Device competing tablets iPad Pro will be announced may 23 at a special event Microsoft.

Despite the fact that since the release of the Surface Pro 4 it took more than two years, Microsoft is in no hurry with the release of the next version of the tablet two-in-one. Earlier, in Redmond stated that the Surface Pro of the fifth generation will be released only when it will bring “significant” changes that does not necessarily mean “hardware changes”.

And yet next week will be an event of Microsoft, and Microsoft Vice President for devices Panos Panay, saying on Twitter that will be present, used the hashtag #Surface. And the emergence of the Internet renders the tablet PC is also evidence in favor of the upcoming announcement.

The novelty is simply called Surface Pro. Perhaps this is why Microsoft has officially announced that the Surface Pro 5 does not exist and will never appear on the market.

The new Surface Pro running Windows 10 is largely similar to the current model. It is expected that this will only “update” the Surface Pro 4. The real changes are inside, however, represent the essence of the changes of the hardware platform on the submitted photos is not possible.

But by the pictures you can tell that the new Surface Pro will be available for an extended list of accessories, including stylus pen input, mouse and keyboard. They will be available in several colors and have slightly different accessories Surface Pro 4 design. More details about Surface Pro promised to provide at the beginning of next week.

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