In the Russian App Store is expensive not all

Our regular readers probably already have time to buy your favorite apps in the App Store before the recent price increase (or decided to use the category #Skidochka). But not as bad as it might seem at first glance. Russian services understand the complexity of the situation and do not hurry to increase the cost of their services.

For example, the service “Yandex.Music” frozen subscription prices for iOS users from Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan, writes “Kommersant”. On the contrary, the subscription streaming service will cost 149 rubles instead of $ 169. In Group, developer of many iOS games adhere to the same position and are not going to increase the cost of purchases.

So decided to do and the developers of the service Zvooq and the online library Bookmate books. According to the creators of the application, they will try to keep prices at the current level as long as possible. In “Yandex” also do not exclude the imminent increase in the cost of the subscription.

Probably for this reason, the prices and holding back the Apple — the Apple Music subscription still costs just $ 169 a month. At the same time, with the current exchange rate the price should be not less than 700 rubles, but Apple understand that at this price no one to buy subscription.

Other developers do not hesitate to sell their apps on 75 59 rubles instead of rubles, however, occasionally do a good discount of up to 15 rubles. To find out about the price reduction one of the first to read our category #Skidochka and subscribe to the channel in the Telegram.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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