In the Russian scientific research Institute of sheep breeding and goat breeding has created a “killer” Windows and macOS

Employees of the Stavropol scientific research Institute of sheep breeding and goat breeding has developed the domestic operating system, OS Ivan, the newspaper reports Don24. The platform is a modified version of Linux and is positioned developers as an alternative to Windows and macOS.

Currently on the platform Ivan OS work almost all computers of the Institute. As explained by the head of the laboratory of information technologies Denis Belov, the main motive for the development of OS was the strategy of import substitution.

“Few people know, but when you install Windows 10, the user agreement spelled out the condition that all your personal data may be transferred directly to Microsoft office. In today’s environment it is unacceptable, despite the fact that the number of information systems only works on Windows. Including state program related budget, procurement and data transfer. Therefore, the appearance of the domestic operating system ā€” need of today”, ā€” said Belov.

The development of the system took five years. Ivan OS is a modified version of Linux. It is suitable for the same software that Linux, Firefox, OpenOffice, the Linux version of Google Chrome.

Development Ivan OS engaged a team of seven professionals. The creation of a system was spent 40 million rubles.

For the near future is scheduled the official presentation of the operating system. According to the creators of the first users of the platform may be public and private enterprises. Spread Ivan OS will be on a free basis, to pay developers only for the technical support of the OS.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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