In the United States court abolished the compulsory registration of drones

The U.S. court of appeals abolished the requirement of registration of quadcopters. If this decree is not repealed, Americans will no longer have to register their drones in the Federal civil aviation Agency (FAA).

At the end of 2015 in the United States was introduced compulsory registration of drones. In just two days since the beginning of registration the first time was free, there were more than 45 000 aerial vehicles. As of March this year, the number of registrations exceeded for 770 000.

To register the owners of the drones have to tell the authorities your name, home address and email address and pay a fee of $5. After that the drone need to stick a registration sticker with a unique number of the device.

However, the requirement to register all had to taste, especially since violators of the new law faced fines of up to $250 000. Aircraft modeling enthusiast John Taylor in early 2016 submitted to the FAA Agency involved in the registration, to the court.

The gun to intercept drones

According to the court, the drones are fixed wing aircraft, and the requirement of registration is illegal as it contradicts the earlier law. The court found that the FAA has no right to regulate the personal use of model aircraft and drones.

Now compulsory registration is cancelled, but the FAA can appeal, so the court’s decision is not final. However, it is possible that the Agency will not do, because the law, which is exempt from the registration model, and so expires at the end of 2017.

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