In the US, burning the iPhone 6 Plus almost led to a fire [video]

Police palm Harbor (FL, USA) and Apple are investigating the fire phone iPhone 6 Plus. According to WFLA TV, the incident occurred this week.

An American named Amanda Bentz woke up at three in the morning from strange sounds. She quickly realized that their source was suddenly lit-up iPhone 6 Plus. According to preliminary data, the smartphone battery overheated and caused the fire. She bents said that the flames were beaten out on the right side of the gadget.

The flames not only left soot on the bedside table, on which was an iPhone, but a scorched blanket, curtains and pillow case. And only the quick reaction of her husband, to extinguish the fire, helped to avoid serious consequences. If there was no one, the result could have burned not only the smartphone but also the whole house.

Apple has already offered Amanda Benz to replace a damaged iPhone 6 Plus new. However, the company wants to keep credit card women $ 750. Asked to comment on the incident Apple representatives noted that the study of this question.

In fact, to speak of the danger that expose themselves to the iPhone 6 Plus, is not necessary. This one-time incident, and it can be caused by a variety of reasons. Yes, and the apparatus is not entirely new.

And unwittingly the obvious Parallels with the smartphone Galaxy Note 7 clearly seem far-fetched.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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