In top management, Apple has undergone significant changes

Last Thursday Apple announced a quite important reshuffle that occurred in the staffing of the company for the last time. The reasons described below, the permutations remain confidential. Probably, the growing popularity of the Corporation and its remarkable credibility in the consumer electronics market could impact the decision at the top decision.

In particular, Phil Schiller, up to this point leads the marketing Department and always remained, along with Tim cook main presenter all presentations will now be responsible for the development of the App Store. Its place in the advertising field is a little-known tor Peace. Earlier, the management of virtual retail was the responsibility of the Vice President of software, eddy cue, which, incidentally, still is directly related to the infrastructure of iTunes. However, all significant decisions are now adopting Schiller.

Jeff Williams, engaged in the logistics and welfare of staff, became the head tellers, occupying the once familiar by Tim cook. In addition, Williams was entrusted to lead the process of development of Apple Watch and related technologies for tracking health and fitness tracking.

From the less significant for the average man of permutations it is possible to allocate the appointment of johnny Srouji for Vice President hardware and the reception in the camp of “Apple” of the aforementioned Torah Mirena, who left the service at the advertising Agency Grey Group. According to the statements of Tim cook, thanks to Srougi it became possible to implement most innovative ideas that we used to see in the products of the company.

Clifton Nichols

Clifton Nichols

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