In “Yandex.Drive” appeared fare for lovers of the Christmas shopping

Representatives of the company “Yandex” announced the launch of the Christmas fare in car-share service “Yandex.Drive”. The event is held in conjunction with the hypermarket chain, IKEA.Thanks to the new tariff of car sharing users “Yandex.Drive” will be cheaper to get to IKEA hypermarkets. Now the service is available rent a car for five or seven hours. The cost of the trip is 1050 and 1250 rubles, respectively. In addition, “Yandex” has established a special parkovku for users of corporate car sharing.

According to head PR-projects “Yandex” Dmitry Gorchakov, the new rate can greatly help those citizens who intend to go to IKEA in the New year’s eve.

“Hourly rates are popular among users of “Yandex.Drive”. Sure that rate, IKEA will be in demand among buyers, and the number of included kilometers and hours will allow you to get to the store and back and is perfect for leisurely shopping,” said Gorchakov.

The service also you can rent a van for bulky items. The cost of renting a car will be 2200 rubles for five hours and 2500 roubles for seven hours.

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Clifton Nichols

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