In “Yandex.The market” appeared alcohol

The service of the online store “Yandex.The market” has a section with alcohol. However, you can order them from the moment it is impossible, but the user can compare the price of alcohol on the platform and in retail stores.

Spirits are available in a wide range on the website “Yandex.Market”. In order to review it, users must confirm that they have more than 18 years. In “menu” – wine, whiskey, absinthe, cognac and other drinks. Under the description of each position you can see a note reminding about the dangers of excessive alcohol consumption.

As noted by the representatives of the company “Yandex”, this section works while in test mode. Full he will earn in the first quarter of 2019. The same time should increase the number of partner companies, which at the moment only four: L-Wine, Simple, Drinx and “Vinum”.

However, according to journalists, this service violates the laws of the Russian Federation, according to which the sale of alcohol online in Russia is prohibited. As noted by the company representatives using this service, users “Yandex.Market” really will not be able to buy alcohol, but you can contact the suppliers and producers to know the nearest place where it can be purchased, and even book they need a drink in the right quantity.

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Clifton Nichols

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