In Yekaterinburg, the priests threatened to drown the parishioners smartphones in Holy water

Assumption Cathedral in Ekaterinburg Ministers decided to introduce new rules to combat the use of smartphones in the room. For ringing for the gadget will be forced to do ten prostrations.

As reported by life, an unusual ad appeared in the Yekaterinburg temples. If someone from visitors will ring your mobile, “for blagogovenie” parishioner would have to submerge the gadget in the Holy water and make 10 bows. According to the employee of the assumption Cathedral, these measures will eliminate the problem of using phones for important events.

“It’s a problem not only in the temple, at meetings, in theaters and cinemas, people forget to turn off the phone. To water phones dipped, I didn’t see but about 10 prostrations know for sure”, — said the employee.

In addition to the assumption Cathedral, the initiative of the frivolous education of parishioners taken up by other churches, such as Holy cross monastery.

It should be noted that short-term immersion in water withstand most modern smartphones. The new generation iPhone with this do not have a problem: the smartphone, according to rumors, will receive a waterproof case.

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